Did You See The Thing That Happened On House Last Night?

There are no spoilers here, because I know people take their House very seriously. I know this in part because of all the FAN TRIBUTE VIDEOS that ALREADY EXIST based on the Big Thing That Happened on House last night. What was it? Did Amber come back from the dead? Did House and Wilson finally consummate their simmering bromance? Did Kal Penn allow his scrubs to slowly fall to the floor of the supply room, revealing prime time television’s first intentional incident of full frontal…BUT FOR REAL, the thing that happened and an adorable fan tribute video are after the jump.

House and Cuddy totally made out!:

And here’s that, made interminably long and set to Coldplay. Of course! TV fans with video-editing capability are so adorably predictable:

Can you believe it only took five seasons? Gamechanger!