Operation Watch This: House Poor

Mindy Kaling has a new web series, you guys! It’s like The Office but without Michael or Jim. Or Pam or Stanley or Dwight or Angela. No one else from The Office is in it, actually. And it’s set in LA. instead of Scranton. And Mindy plays herself. But otherwise it’s like The Office. You love The Office!

I don’t want to get off subject because obviously this is a funny new series and we are here to talk talk about that, but more importantly: what’s up with Busy Phillips these days? Is she really pregnant? By whom? Does this mean we’re going to start seeing her in more movies and shows and stuff? I knew I should have added to my RSS reader for all my Busy Phillips news. Then I wouldn’t look like such an idiot right now asking these rudimentary Busy Phillips FAQs (Busy Phillips FAQs is the name of my math rock band).