5 Characters That Will Not Inspire This Year’s Borat Costume

You can usually predict what’s going to be the season’s most popular pop culture inspired costume each year at Halloween. Whether it’s Borat or Steve Zisou or those twins from The Royal Tannenbaums. Actually, it’s REALLY easy to predict what’s going to be the season’s most popular pop culture inspired costume each year at Halloween when Wes Anderson has a new movie out. Well, historically. Something tells me there aren’t going to be a ton of Darjeeling costumes this year. Too sad and exotic! No, this year, as we’ve already discussed, we’ll be seeing a lot of Junos (w/ prop belly) and Daniel Plainviews (w/ prop milkshake), and we will be seeing one lady dressed as Kathy Geiss.

But what’s equally easy to predict are which costumes will not be big hits on the Pabst Blue Ribbon Party Circuit. The top 5 characters from the past year that will NOT inspire this year’s Borat costume after the jump.

Speed Racer in IMAX

One imagines that Speed Racer is a perennial favorite. Besides, it’s nice for furries to dress up as humans once a year. But this is going to be a tough holiday for Speed. I predict there will be more people dressed up as Larry Wachoski post-op than as this sad disaster of an adaptation.

Lucy Liu in Cashmere Mafia

On the one hand, this would be a very wearable costume, and when you’re in your 20s living off of a diet of yogurt and ambition it might be fun to pretend that you’re a well-dressed powerful businesswoman trying to juggle the pressures of romance and the big city. On the other hand, how many times do you want to answer “What’s Cashmere Mafia?” in one night?

Anyone from An American Carol

Hipsters, as a group, tend to be a liberal group. But politics aside, if you’re old enough to pull off a Kelsey Grammar as General Patton, then you’re too old to be at the parties we’re talking about.

Meet Dave

Again, an easy, wearable costume, and one that comes with the built in theatrics that hipsters love. Pretending to be a humanoid robot from outerspace could easily fill the “Very niiiiice,” and “wah-wah-wee-wah” performative gaps of Halloween 2008. But let’s face it, a) you’re probably white, and b) Meet Dave sucks.

The Love Guru

OK, this is an actual costume. That you can buy. So the hipsters probably WILL be this for Halloween. Those hipsters, always zigging when you think they’re going to zag.