Russell Brand Is In Serious Trouble For Prank Calling An Old Man

I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall again last night (best) and I’m still on the fence about Russell Brand. On the one hand, the VMAs happened. On the other, the guy does clearly have comedic talent, as evidenced by his performance as Aldous Snow in FSM. On the third hand, HE PRANK CALLED AN OLD MAN IN ENGLAND AND SAID HE SCREWED THE OLD MAN’S GRANDDAUGHTER:

There’s a long-ass article about it in the Daily Mail, but basically here’s what happened: Russell Brand and his radio co-host Jonathan Ross called former Fawlty Towers actor Andrew Sachs, who is old, and left a series of obscene messages on his “answer-phone” about how Russell Brand slept with Sachs’s 23-year-old granddaughter Georgina Baillie, and then they played them on the air, and now it’s a HUGE thing in England with people calling for Ross, Brand, and others associated with the program to be fired, partly because in England, taxpayers pay their salary. Highlights from the article, which includes a transcript:

Before calling Mr Sachs on the show, 33-year-old Brand referred to ‘the elephant in the room’ – that the actor did not know the comedian had slept with his granddaughter.

During the call, Ross shouted: ‘He f***** your granddaughter’ and later speculated that Brand had ‘enjoyed’ Georgina on a swing.

During another message Brand told Sachs: ‘I used a condom.

And then here’s the funniest part of the entire article:

Miss Baillie cut short a European tour with the burlesque dance group the Satanic Sluts in the wake of the broadcast.

So, like, wooo-wooo, Russell Brand is in trouuuuble. No word on whether his emotional assault on one of his country’s most loved old actors will affect his takeover of American culture, which includes the upcoming Forgetting Sarah Marshall sequel/spinoff, Get Him To The Greek.