Videogum Is About To Get Even More Popular With Teenage Girls

In the event that this site is flooded with a whole bunch of new 14-year-old girl readers, it is because I wrote a post over at

Q: Wait, Britney Spears Dot Com, as in the Official Website of Britney SpearsK
A: Yes.
Q: But, Gabe, why?

It’s called “10 ‘Womanizer’ Goofs,” and in it, I describe 10 errors in Ms. Spears’s most recent music video. You can read it here. It was a challenge to keep it all in good fun. So, I do not mention the time that Britney drove around with her child on the roof of her lap, or the fact that her public meltdown was so extreme as to render any kind of redemptive comeback story decidedly moot and ridiculous. Nope, just some funtime jokes about office work and sink functionality.

The post has already garnered a few enlightening comments, including “K, this isn’t video on trial,” and “You’re lookin’ fancy and I like your style…COME TO ARGENTINA!!!!!” So if we’re lucky, some of that insight and desire to have Britney Spears perform in South America will trickle down to our own forums. FINGERS CROZZED.