Is Leo The Kitten-Saving Dog Really A Hero?

Cute-watchers worldwide have been captivated in the past 24 hours by Leo, the Australian dog who refused to leave a burning house without his family’s four newborn kittens:

But Leo’s story sounds fishy. For one thing: where was the kittens’ mother in all of this? And why are we heaping praise upon Leo, and not blame on the family of humans who were happy to skip out of the house as fast as they could without the kittens? (Not to mention the family’s other dog, Barney.) Could a jealous and insecure Leo, feeling neglected after the birth of the new, cuter animals, have started the fire himself and stayed by the kittens in order to get attention and praise? Surely the coming days will bring more details of Leo’s story, but until then we should assume that he just did what any other dog would do in the situation. Except Barney.