You Be The Blog: Which Of These Christmas Thrillers Is More INSANE?

Here at, we spend most of the day cracking wise (so wise, we crack the wisest) about the state of pop culture and visual entertainment. It’s our job to come up with snap judgments based on little to no information, and to use those snap judgments to over-enthusiastically applaud or unfairly deride the world’s latest trampoline accidents and TV show trailers. But sometimes a project comes along about which it’s very difficult to form a hyperbolic opinion. What then? Well, if you think it’s so easy to blog all day (it’s really, really easy), why don’t you do it?

There are two new trailers out for Christmas-themed thrillers today and I cannot for the life of me figure out which one is more insane. One is for a horror movie called The Children, and the other is for a revenge thriller called While She Was Out. Both trailers after the jump.

The Children

While She Was Out

They both have their precedents. The Children, of course, has echoes of Children of the Corn and Macauley Culkin’s The Good Son and a million other movies in which fear is generated with a jack-in-the-box soundtrack. While She Was Out carries on the historical tradition of The Brave One and Enough. But it’s hard to decide which one is more insane. I would lean towards While She Was Out, just for the line “I’ve got a gun, how’s about I aim it at your pussy first?” That line should probably go to the hospital and have a CAT scan. But it’s impossible to count out The Children, with its sled-throwing and fork-stabbing. It looks very, very insane.

You figure it out, Professor.