Tom Cruise Roasted Matt Lauer For Some Reason

Weird. Friday night, the Friar’s Club had a surprise roast of noted comedian Matt Lauer, and even Tom Cruise showed up to make fun of him (using his own material!) This morning The Today Show aired some “highlights”:

I know they were limited by morning-show standards, but did most of that remind anyone else of Norm MacDonald’s intentionally, brilliantly “lame” roast of Bob Saget? Especially the awkward silence after Tom said he always knows where Matt is. The funny thing is, this article about the roast mentions a lot of much funnier stuff, like this Tom Cruise line:

The actor also recounted a golf outing Lauer had with O.J. Simpson. “Matt said to O.J., ‘If people have your memorabilia, go back and get the (stuff) back. People will love you for it.’ ”

And why why why couldn’t they have shown this earth-shattering moment on TV:

Couric, Lauer’s former TODAY co-host, suggested Cruise was threatened by Lauer. “He wants to be the only heterosexual man in the room who everyone thinks is gay,” she said.

She went there! Anyway, poor Jeffrey Ross.