Who Should Be The Most Embarrassed By This Guitar Hero Ad?

This Guitar Hero ad touches me in the bathing suit area of my mind. Yikes.

I’m going to give Tony Hawk a free pass because he just seems like a fun-loving goofball dad these days, and he’s spent all his life building an empire based on “being pretty chill.” And clearly Michael Phelps has no shame. As long as the craft services table is stocked with pancakes, he’ll do anything. It’s pretty bad for A-Rod, but not any more embarrassing than the rumor that he’s taken up Kaballah in order to please Madonna. That leaves Kobe Bryant. He should clearly be the most embarrassed by this. Although he didn’t seem particularly embarrassed by those rape charges, either. And at what point is the world going to remember that “home alone romp” aside, Risky Business was actually a weird, vaguely sinister film about a high school student who dabbles in prostitution? OK, clearly it’s all of us who should be the most embarrassed.