Make A “Scary” YouTube Viral Video In Just 97,850 Confusing Steps!

This viral marketing EPIC FAIL comes to us from Sony Ericsson, who have teamed up with Facebook to attempt to lure users into making “scary” video free advertising for them. The failure begins with the tagline “Spook Your Friends With Our Scary YouTube Video Where Your (Sic) The Star,” and just keeps on going and going and going. How could they possibly have made it more complicated to make your friends say “Heh. Stop spamming me, dude, I’m busy.”:

I do think the inclusion of Adam Smith to the list of celebrity Facebook friends like Brad Pitt and Kira (Sic Again!) Knightley is a nice touch, but the chances that they were throwing in an easter egg for fans of the father of modern economics are as slim as a Sony Ericsson W595 handset. (Via AdRants.)