The Office Tells The Internet To Make An Office Robbery Wikipedia Page

Last night’s episode of The Office was too charming to even talk about the charming parts (Michael and Holly Forevs!), but once again, the show has willed an internet thing into existence merely by mentioning it! First, it was “Cookie Monster Singing Chocolate Rain” two weeks ago, and this time it’s a Wikipedia page for “Office Robbery Statistics”, which, as Michael Scott announced, did not exist — until The Office aired last night, and then did, and now doesn’t again, but the dream lives on in another version. It’s all such great fun! After the jump, the video (with an excellent That’s What She Said, for added value) and the story of one blogger who helped Michael Scott’s Wikipedia vision come true.

And a blogger named Keebler detailed his quest to get “Office Robbery Statistics” its own Wikipedia page — with screencaps. It didn’t work, but his very well-done “Office Robbery” page is so detailed that I was fooled this morning until I Googled and found his blog. It should be removed by Wikipedia killjoys any moment now, but it’s just more evidence that for citizens of the internet, The Office is competing with Stephen Colbert to become our Oprah.