What’s The Best Part Of It’s Always Sunny In Phila–TIMING!

DVR is a pretty great invention (I am a graduate of the Duh Academy, and have also spent the past three summers leading Obviousness seminars at the Learning Annex). It just makes the consumption of television so much more convenient! (Sign up for my classes here.) But I’m still waiting for science to do me one better (TWSS). I want a smart DVR that not only allows me to watch TV at my leisure, with the power to pause and fast forward and also rewind, but that understands my tastes and edits my favorite programs to cater to that taste. Think of Lindsay’s “SNL: Just The Funny Parts” posts, but without the middlewoman. Because if that invention existed then when I turned on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia it would just be Charlie and Dee all the time, with none of that Dennis, Mac, and Danny DeVito.

They were on fire last night, and continue to be on fire after the jump.

In last night’s episode, Charlie and Dee challenged each other to walk a mile in the other’s shoes. Walking in Charlie’s shoes meant putting on piss-stained longjohns and huffing glue, while in Deandra’s shoes it meant performing open mic stand up comedy.

It kind of reminds me of that episode of This American Life when Starlee Kine and Jonathan Goldstein “performed” stand up at a karaoke bar. But less NPR and more LOL.

Now I know that my CONTROVERSIAL statement about Dennis and Mac and Danny DeVito is going to raise the perpetual ire of the Sunnypologists out there. And I recognize that those guys have brilliant moments. But if you were to group those three together and set them next to Team Charlie and Dee, you would see that their side was bogged down with way too much screaming over each other’s lines and enough with the Dennis is a lothario stuff. I think that it’s telling that last night’s episode featured guest cameos from Sinbad and Rob Thomas, which was very funny, but the highlights of the episode still came from the Charlie and Dee plotline. It is not easy to spoil and squander celebrity cameos from Sinbad and Rob Thomas.

Although it is true that if my magical all-knowing DVR invention existed, the show would be edited down to just Charlie and Dee all the time, with a brief intermission for this screencap.

Is it weird for you? When watching TV is like looking in a mirror?