I Want To Wad This Video Up Into My Life

I have never cared more about the problems of Japanese food production! They are such cute looking problems!

(thanks for the tip, Edith)

I don’t even know what that video is about, but it’s so entrancing. It’s like if they made Katamari Damacy into a TV show. Whoa. Am I genius who just made a million dollars with his mind? That would be the best show. Jay Mohr, of course, would play Prince, fresh off his stint on the canceled sitcom Gary Unmarried, because of course we have to give him a new show right away. And James Avery would play the King of All Cosmos. He looks like he could effectively portray a celestial being with a drinking problem! Nailed it. So, Hollywood, do you want to just wire transfer the billions, or does it make more sense to bring it all over in a truck and dump it in front of my building. You know, for publicity. (I’m also a genius at business.)