Last Night’s Thursday SNL 65% Funnier Than A Regular SNL

Weird. Maybe SNL should just be shorter, not have musical guests, always be hosted by Will Ferrell and partially written by Adam McKay, and take place during the last burst of the most important election of a generation, but last night’s Thursday special contained more funny parts in its half hour than most regular SNLs. And I caught the most ridiculous blooper in the history of catching bloopers. Videos after the jump.

Will Ferrell comes back as George Bush (on Xanax):

The other funniest part — Fred Armisen plays around with the electoral map (after some Weekend Update headlines):

And I thought this was hilarious: Andy Samberg Jams The Vote (also after a few headlines):

In the Weekend Update headline part of that last one, I caught a spelling error in the cellphone call transcript. They spelled “Bartles And Jaymes” wrong:

Nobody has ever been more embarrassed to have caught a spelling error. (Also, Bartles And Jaymes still exists, weird.)