Did You Give In And Watch 30 Rock Online? Me Too!

Oh, who are we kidding, there was never any dilemma and nobody is waiting all the way until next Thursday to watch 30 Rock. The management of pop culture expectations is a solemn and sacred responsibility, both in a professional capacity and in one’s personal life (sorry A. and J. for telling you that Baby Mama was “the most revolutionary piece of comedic filmmaking of ours or any other time,” but you really should have subtracted points for alcohol consumption. And it was still pretty good!) So in case you missed it, here’s the full season premiere of 30 Rock: “Do Over”:

And now, a restrained and considered review.

Okay, HOW FUCKING GREAT WAS THAT? A list of favorite lines would have to be a straight-up transcript, but I don’t think anyone’s going to have a problem re-watching this episode when it airs on TV (and re-watching, and re-watching.) All of the Jack/Kathy stuff was amazing, but this was probably my favorite part:

Jack and Kathy dancing to Kathy’s favorite actor/musician Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations.” Mark Wahlberg is (getting made fun of) everywhere!

Also: “We’re not the best people” “But we’re not the worst.” “Graduate students are the worst.”

And: “That’s the lip gloss she put on me so I could be her fancy boy.”

And: “Do I have to…give her my gift?”

Thank GOD this show is back.