Where Are This Generation’s Parody-able Directors?

These John McCain attack ads that mimic big name Hollywood directors (John Woo, Kevin Smith, Wes Anderson) were all the blog rage yesterday:

Cute! Kind of funny! But the real question is, really? John Woo? And even the Kevin Smith parody is Clerks era Kevin Smith. 1994 Kevin Smith. Where are the hip new directors to give us the parodic web video entertainment we need? Seriously. That’s kind of a weird way to get to that question, but it is one worth asking. Is it that they’re too busy already making web videos to be bothered to make feature films that could be turned into funny parodic web videos? Is that our future? An endless cycle of smaller and smaller references and structures on which to build new cultural content? Until we reach the vanishing point and the universe is sucked in upon itself and becomes a dark, gaping vacuum from which no matter can escape? JUST KIDDING, FART, NICE WES ANDERSON PARODY HIS MOVIES ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE THAT!