Did This Week’s Fringe Predict The Future Of Chuck Bass?

I meant to write about this yesterday, but did anyone notice Chris Eigeman on this week’s Fringe? He played an evil pharmaceutical CEO who is using humans as experimental weapons blah blah blah the pattern. He was a real patternhead. Well that guy used to be like the male Parker Posey! Chris Eigeman!

If the world was run by our kind of people, indie stunt casting like this would be saved for Sweeps Week. Anyway, for those who might be less familiar with Eigeman’s work, he’s best known for his roles in Whit Stillman films like Metropolitan, Barcelona, and Last Days of Disco. He was also one of the leads in Noah Baumbach’s first film, Kicking and Screaming. In almost all of his early roles he played a dry witted, hyper-privileged WASP of the upper class. With his superior attitude, his seemingly omniscient power over his peers, and his casual indulgence in the sexual peccadillos of the day, Chris Eigeman was the ’90s Chuck Bass.

Here are some choice scenes from Kicking and Screaming:

Here he is giving the ’90s Dan Humphrey some advice on breaking into the debutante class:

Here he is getting a slap in the face from the ’90s Blair Waldorf:

Man, Chris Eigeman, you guys. He was so snarky and compelling when he was younger. And he was on Fringe! In short, Ed Westwick has a long career of nominal guest roles on floundering paranormal TV shows to look forward to. The end.