Amy Sedaris Gets Necessarily Censored On Jimmy Kimmel

Late night talk show SuperGuest Amy Sedaris cheated on David Letterman last night by going on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to promote her book, but mostly to do her Amy Sedaris thing. You know the drill, but how does this woman continuously find new ways of being funny about the same subjects (Dusty the rabbit, entertaining) without repeating herself? As usual, I’m not going to clip Amy because the whole thing is good, but the best moment comes when Amy explains that she doesn’t get trick-or-treaters because she lives on the corner of [BLEEP] and [BLEEP]. Necessary Censorship!:

Also, less than a week after making a subtle Sarah Silverman joke on Letterman, Amy mentions that she “just saw Sarah backstage” at Kimmel’s show, adding more fuel to the Silverkimmel back-together rumors, about which only I, Katie Couric, and the horrible women of The View seem to care. Oops.