What Are They HATCHing For Lost Season 5? (Get It? Hatch? Hatch Jokes?)

New trailer for Lost season 5, you guys:

SPOILER ALERT Lost season 5 picks up RIGHT where Lost season 4 left off. In case you don’t remember, at the end of Lost season 4, Ben told Jack that all of the Oceanic 6 had to return to the island, including a now deceased Locke. One of the ways it’s easy to remember the end of season 4 is by watching this trailer, which is a recap montage of it. And if this trailer is to be believed, the show will continue along this plotline! It will not have a sharp and startling deviation in which all the characters follow motivations that are unexplained and unmotivated by what came before. Classic Lost. Actually, wait, no, what did I day? Kind of weird for Lost. You would think season 5 would mostly be an unexplained dip into polar bear flashbacks with no related ties to any of the previous episodes. But continuity is definitely “classic” every other narrative ever.