The Computers John McCain Doesn’t Understand Make Him Dance Like A Prince!

In late September, Adam Chu released a call to action to the Adam/Chu Dance Crew members to express their political positions through dance. It would be, he claimed, the biggest presidential election dance off in history. Well that is true. But Fool’s Gold was also the most financially successful film about a divorced couple involving treasure salvaging and Matthew McConaughey in history. It’s called rhetoric, and it is meaningless. Still, this video suggests that at least someone took Chu’s request for entries seriously. Someone with a computer and basic Adobe After Effects training!

What, no Joe Biden? It’s one thing for the mainstream media to dramatically reduce their coverage of the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, but I would expect more from the on-line dance off video community, the paragon of even-handedness. But seriously, professional dancers, keep the riveting dialog to a minimum. You are basically porn stars as far as your acting is concerned. Just bust those moves. Slower. Slower. And…you’re president.