It’s Wonderglen’s Internet Now. We Just Live In It.

There’s this fake website (web-event? web-infiltration? webspiracy?) that’s probably going to blow up the internet soon called This is how a poster on the comedy forum A Special Thing described it:

It can be best described as fake website for a company that makes reality shows.
It covers the owners, the people who work there, all their interoffice memos, videos
and production meeting recaps.

That’s a pretty good way of describing it, but it sounds closer to Dunder Mifflin Infinity than the total web experience Wonderglen now appears to be.

It also now has a video by James Franco. And apparently there were funny fake job ads on the real job site Entertainment Careers last month:

Opportunity to work with seasoned producers (credits include the AIDS episode of “Airwolf” and “Shark Bite!” the first-ever nature documentary).

It also has links “submitted” by “staff” members, such as, a fake vanity press that’s published such works as “When Little Girls Cheat” and “The Scandor Percifix.” There are also apparently Facebook pages for the fake staff. It’s really funny and fun to explore, and this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg — it’s a little bit exhausting! So much internet infiltration! It seems less likely to be viral marketing for a specific project a la the Tropic Thunder series of fake sites, and more like its own thing. Suspicions are aroused that the Wonderglen conspiracy might go to the very top echelons of comedy entertainment, like Judd Apatow or something. It might take months to sort it all out. In the meantime, I declare it to be awesome. (Via, highly suspected to be involved.)