17 Again Is So Many Other Movies It Will Blow Your Mind

There’s a new trailer for 17 Again, the movie where Matthew Perry wakes up to find out he’s 17 again and Zac Efron. I think it looks kind of potentially funny, thanks to Tom Lennon and Leslie Mann:

It’s not surprising that a movie once titled Untitled Zac Efron Project would be derivative and a little slapdash, but has any movie ever been more derivative? It’s like the unintentional Scream of supernatural age-change movies…

This list will surely grow, but so far there are elements of:

Big (in reverse)
13 Going On 30 (in reverse)
The Freaky Fridays (without the switching)
Like Father Like Son (ditto)
Never Been Kissed (but supernatural)
It’s A Wonderful Life (The jumping janitor is Clarence)
Back To The Future (There’s even a Biff! And he looks like Biff!)
And some other movie called Seventeen Again that involved a mad scientist.

But so far from IMDB digging, 17 Again’s plot seems to match up most with a 1986 Disney Channel movie called Young Again, starring Robert Urich, Lindsay Wagner, and Keanu Reeves in the Zac Efron role (then known as “K.C. Reeves.) And, get this: that movie was written by none other than David Simon, who would later go on to create The Wire! There’s some cocktail party conversation for April 2009, when surely everyone at every cocktail party will be talking about 17 Again. You’re welcome!