Whitney Port’s New Show To Occasionally Feature Whitney Port

Trailer for Whitney Port’s new Hills spin-off, The City, you guys:

(via Dlisted)

Whitney Port lacks the intellectual capacity to pick the pepperoni off of an entire slice of pizza without getting distracted, much less carry an entire reality show. Which is made all the more obvious by this trailer that spends way more time dwelling on the side characters than on Whitney herself. Girl who makes futon jokes! Australian New York Justin Bobby! Angry young woman who wants to eat Whitney’s face! They are the real stars, apparently. And enough of these Port Apologists who claim that she’s far and away the most interesting, intelligent person on The Hills. Compared to whom? Lauren Conrad? A wadded up receipt for a pregnancy test from a Duane Reade found in the fifth pocket of a pair of thrift store jeans is far and away the most interesting, intelligent person compared to her. And jeans aren’t even a person!

Who am I kidding. I am so excited for this show!