HIMYM: Jason Jones Steals Ted’s Girl, Thank God

Well, spoiler alert: the boring lady has left the building. This episode wasn’t good, BUT since all the not-goodness about it was tied up in the fact that it existed solely to purge Ted’s engagement and boring fiance from the plot of the show, it’s hard to be mad at it. (We all get so mad at sitcoms sometimes!) There were basically three interesting things about this episode: Jason Jones as Stella’s ex, Lara Spencer’s weirder-than-weird Bertolli commercials, and whether or not the juice bar guy was really the lead singer of The Spin Doctors. Videos and answer after the jump!

Jason Jones as Stella’s ex, we hardly knew, yet hope we’ll somehow see more of, ye. (Can’t wait for his sitcom!):

Lara Spencer is doing this thing now where she makes Bertolli pasta during CBS’s Monday night comedy lineup and ad libs and is definitely not getting paid enough:

And even though HIMYM made fun of The Spin Doctors in an episode last year, and then made fun of them again last night by saying this guy was the lead singer, I looked it up and:

It’s sad, because that was going to be the best thing about this episode. But bye bye Stella, hello Barney and Ted fighting over Robin off and on for two years.