Is It Possible To Put Video Games In Jail? Because Far Cry 2 Should Go There


I’ve always found the Medal of Honor videogames in which you portray a soldier during World War II to be pretty depressing. In light of the tremendous sacrifices that thousands of men and women made in that war in order to provide us with the freedom and international stability to actually play videogames, playing videogames in which you vicariously re-enact their greatest horror kind of seems like an offensive waste of that sacrifice. But at least those games aren’t insanely racist depictions of atrocities going on right now. You go into the war-torn regions of post-colonial Africa and hunt people down? Perfect. Now what’s the code I enter to turn the gun around and shoot myself in the face? a-b-a-b-x-y-up-down-L1-R1-select-start? Is it a-b-a-b-x-y-up-down-L1-R1-select start?