Entourage: Are Vince And Ari Lovers?

So, after last week’s wretched death of studio head Alan Gray, it seemed obvious that things would start turning up for Vince, and they might. But first apparently they are going to start turning up for Ari now that Caleb Nichol (slash Barry Diller?) has SPOILER ALERT offered him the job of studio head. The whole episode is about Ari sneaking around with this exciting news. Now, the studio head position is problematic for a couple of reasons. For one, this show is already disgustingly materialistic with an oppressive insistence on lazy wealth and unapologetic excess, which is only going to get more disgusting and oppressive if Ari is a billionaire. The studio head position is also problematic because if as Ari predicts near the end of the episode it is going to mean that Vince will be able to get whatever role he wants for the rest of his life, then where is the narrative conflict. But if for some reason Ari does not take this job or the offer is rescinded at the last moment it will be equally annoying, because then the show will just be playing games (haha, like this show isn’t always just playing games.)

But one way in which the studio head position doesn’t seem like it should be problematic is how it relates to Vince and his career. So how come when Ari breaks the news it seems like they’re both about to cry?

Finish what who started what together? What is Vince talking about? Why are they about to get civil unioned? I don’t understand this scene at all. How is Ari taking an important powerful job with wide-reaching influence right at the moment that your career has completely imploded a thing for even momentary pause or concern? When did I start caring? I need an adult!

Also, Whitney Port was on the show.

She’s so talented. She should get her own show. Ugh.

Also Jeffrey Tamor was on the show. He actually is so talented. He should get his own show. NO UGH.

Maybe when Ari becomes the head of the studio he can cancel Entourage.