SNL: Just The Funny Parts, And Also Mark Wahlberg

I don’t know how Lindsay does this every week. Have you actually sat down and watched an entire episode of Saturday Night Live? Yikes. All these years of making fun of MadTV for being the inferior late night sketch program might be at an end. (Just K, MadTV is the worst.) Not that there aren’t some laughs in there, but it just feels like a lot to sift through. Which, actually, if anything, only makes the work that Lindsay does all the more important.

So, as you already know, Sarah Palin was on this weekend. She didn’t really do much. She kind of just smiled and allowed Alec Baldwin to rip her a new one so hard. Man, that was incredible. If you haven’t seen it, though, it’s after the jump, along with Mark Wahlberg’s mostly unfunny, still-can’t-take-a-joke cameo, and a couple of things that were not on Hulu.

Sarah Palin’s opening sketch in which Alec Baldwin pretends that she’s already president and he’s the keynote speaker at her White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The Saddest Episode of MacGruber

The Weekend Update Sarah Palin Rap (sign here)

Mark Wahlberg Is Boring And Still Stuck On The Nose Thing

Narc School

I’m not sure that Narc School was actually that funny, but the idea is so smart it should go to college. I also recognize that Fred Armisen’s underground musician Joshua Rainhorn sketch kind of fell flat and had a little too much going on, but if you ever have the chance to see him perform that character live, you should, because I saw him play that “Wine and Cigarettes” song in its entirety at Big Terrific, a comedy show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and it was cramazing.

Oh, you know what else was funny? This:

You can’t see him in this image, but Alec Baldwin is all the way on the other side of the screen, being the man now dawg.