Are You “The N-Word”? Because You’ve Been Running Through This Girl’s Mind All Day

It feels like it’s a little early in the morning to be posting this video about a girl who’s Tourette’s Syndrome causes her to shout out “the n-word” all the time, but then again WHEN WOULD BE A GOOD TIME?

Hmmm. I have no doubt that this is a miserable and embarrassing affliction for this girl that causes her and her entire family plenty of suffering. But I’m not sure that I buy the argument that it’s just a lack of filter. Like, yes, we all have things running through our head all day long and we are lucky that we don’t uncontrollably shout them out in the department store. But we don’t have THE SAME, INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE thing running through our head all day. It’s not nature vs. nurture, you guys. It’s nature AND nurture.