Friday Fight: Who Has Less Of A Sense Of Humor Than Mark Wahlberg?

gabe: who has less of a sense of humor about things than Mark Wahlberg?
gabe: am I seriously going to fight about this? didn’t I fight with Lindsay about Mark Wahlberg last weeek
gabe: well Lindsay is out of town and Mark Wahlberg is what’s HOT right now
gabe: you are what’s lame right now
gabe: you are what’s lame always. Answer the question.
gabe: David schwimmer.
gabe: You’re really proud of yourself with that david schwimmer call back every time, aren’t you?
gabe: I’m really lazy of myself with that david schwimmer call back every time. Fine, who do I think has less of a sense of humor about things than Mark Wahlberg?
gabe: Russell Crowe

gabe: That is probably true. Russell Crowe is basically an older Australian Mark Wahlberg without the history of terrible rapping.
gabe: Not that Russell Crowe doesn’t have a terrible history of his own.
gabe: Yes. Just not rapping. And there is no Russell Crowe exercise tape to the best of my knowledge.

gabe: Russell Crowe is probably more anti-semitic, too. I have nothing to back that up other than my Jew sense.
gabe: we can tell when we are not wanted.
gabe: at teh very least we can tell when if it were fifty years ago and someone was the manager of a hotel he would probably not rent us a room.
gabe: like Mel Gibson

gabe: ugh, Mel Gibson, don’t get yourself started on Mel Gibson
gabe: he also probably has less of a sense of humor than Mark Wahlberg
gabe: now, yeah. He seems like he probably was more fun when he was younger, but once you start publicly denying the Holocaust, your “sense of humor rating” goes way down.
gabe: would I rather have a drink with Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe?
gabe: what’s the drink?
gabe: i don’t know what the drink is. Is that really the point?
gabe: well different drinks come in different glasses, and different glasses have different effects when you smash them into anti-semites’ faces
gabe: creep
gabe: you’re the creep
gabe: that’s what I said
gabe: to answer my question, I would rather have a drink with Russell Crowe
gabe: yeah
gabe: Mel Gibson doesn’t seem like he’s a very fun drunk
gabe: no
gabe: and russell has never publicly denied the Holocaust, which isn’t a thing that normally gets you extra points, but in this case it gets you all the extra points
gabe: besides, isn’t Mel Gibson in jail
gabe: is he?
gabe: he should be
gabe: this is retarded
gabe: you’re retarded
gabe: I wish Lindsay was here
gabe: yeah, me too.