Duh Aficionado Magazine: Holy Shit, America Is Fucking Racist

This is amazing. (Thanks for the tip, Matthew).

Racism isn’t funny, but stupid old racists are. “Who says fried chicken and watermelon are racist stereotypes? Those are just foods. Just a selection of totally random foods that we selected from the clip-art file. Also, let me ask you this if you’re so smart: spaghetti and meatballs? Did you ever think of that?” Incredible. Looks like Socrates escaped from Bill and Ted’s phonebooth and took up residence in Inland Empire.

Not that the woman who sent the flyer around doesn’t have an AIR TIGHT explanation.

From Press-Enterprise:

The group’s president, Diane Fedele, said she plans to send an apology letter to her members and to apologize at the club’s meeting next week. She said she simply wanted to deride a comment Obama made over the summer about how as an African-American he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

“It was strictly an attempt to point out the outrageousness of his statement. I really don’t want to go into it any further,” Fedele said in a telephone interview Tuesday. “I absolutely apologize to anyone who was offended. That clearly wasn’t my attempt.”

Fedele said she got the illustration in a number of chain e-mails and decided to reprint it for her members in the Trumpeter newsletter because she was offended that Obama would draw attention to his own race. She declined to say who sent her the e-mails with the illustration.

She said she doesn’t think in racist terms, pointing out she once supported Republican Alan Keyes, an African-American who previously ran for president.

She’s not racist because she once supported a black hate-filled homophobic nightmare. Besides, all of this could have just been avoided if Barack Obama hadn’t made the offensive mistake of drawing attention to his own race USING HIS SKIN.