Is The Crazy McCain Rally Lady Funny?

On last night’s pre-election Thursday night special edition of Saturday Night Live, Kristin Wiig pretended to be the “crazy lady” from the McCain rally. She wandered in with a ratted out blonde wig, a pair of Bruce Villanch pharmacy glasses, and a dumpy lump suit under her shirt to make her body look like a scrapbooking convention. Where the scrapbooks are filled with skin and fat. You get it. She mumblingly criticized Obama for a number of outlandish fear-based concerns, and stared into the camera like a deer caught in the headlights, as if she were McCain himself confronting Obama’s explanation about his health plan. (Zing! I have a double digit lead in the Zingby polls.)

So the question is, is that funny?

Yes. Pretty much. It pretty much is funny. But, and I don’t want to be to much of a stick in the mud (that’s a great expression and I’m not a hundred years old [that is not a great expression and I am a hundred years old]), it’s also really unfunny. First of all, let us consider the original real life actual “crazy lady” from the McCain rally:

We have to give it up to McCain on this one. He withstood the jeering and ignorance of his goon supporters (most of McCain’s supporters aren’t goons, but let us say that if you do support John McCain, being a goon doesn’t seem to hurt), who are so wrapped up in promoting a culture of negativity and disrespect that they boo when someone is referred to as a human being. [SIDE NOTE: I don’t know how this post about a stupid SNL sketch got so serious, but I would like to point out that there are plenty of things happening on the Obama side of the equation that are equally disrespectful and morally repulsive–I’m looking at you, “Sarah Palin Is A Cunt” t-shirts–it just so happens that we are dealing with repugnant behavior on the McCain side right now.] But after we’re done giving it up to McCain, we have to be fearful of this lady, who I will group in with another McCain supporter in one of those McCain Rally Parking Lot videos who in response to a protester shouting out the question of whether or not their friend should have to pay for a rape kit if she is attacked shouted back “she should just die.”

So the answer is she’s also VERY NOT FUNNY!