SPOILER ALERT: This Week’s Episode Of The Pick Up Artist Is Going To Be Great

I don’t want to ruin anything for you in the event that you wanted to watch this week’s episode of The Pick Up Artist without knowing whether or not it’s going to be great, but SPOILER ALERT it is. You can click through the jump to watch an extended preview clip (via VH1 blog), but I’m warning you now, it’s got lots of SPOILERS in it that give away things like that this show is the best and that this week’s episode is SPOILER ALERT totally in line with the show’s history of greatness. Also, SPOILER ALERT Mystery is still ridiculous. WHOOPS, I RUINED THE SURPRISE.

Aww, cougars! Kind of! I really, really hope no one tries to neg these women. Because I will SPOILER ALERT kill myself.