50 Cent’s Worthless Advice DOES Come For Free If You Have Basic Cable

50 Cent’s MTV reality show The Money & The Power premiering November 6th at 10PM trailer, you guys:

Yeah, people are coming up to 50 Cent every day and asking him for advice. Just walking up. At the bagel store or whatever. Bagel store, shoelace factory, just see 50 Cent and you walk up to him and get advice on how to succeed in life. And he does not give that advice to them, but he does stop to explain why. It’s because they have to earn it.

What is that room with all the words on it? Why was this show filmed in Shredder’s warehouse? Is there actually a door marked “The Money” and a door marked “The Power”? SPOILER ALERT: 50 Cent is Jigsaw and he would like to play a game. What is this competition even about? Who has what it takes to get their own flavor of Vitamin Water? I guess I have not earned a clear explanation of what this show is about.