Gabe And Max Are Your Boyfriends

As you might know, Videogum’s co-editor Gabe has a double life in which he blogs by day and makes funny videos by night with the comedian Max Silvestri. Together they’re known as Gabe And Max, and they’re great. Until now, we’ve never put any Gabe And Max videos up here, because Gabe said it was a conflict of interest or something. But they have a new one today, and I found it, and my job is to put up funny videos, and conflict of interest what? We’re videobloggers, not the co-Mayors of Wasilla. So after begging, cajoling, bribing, yelling “You’re not the boss of me!”, and, finally, threatening physical violence, I’ve been allowed to post it. Aww, hell, I’m just going to post them all! But first up, Gabe And Max’s latest video, which just went up on the internet a few minutes ago. Words cannot describe what it’s like to see these two in makeup.

I know that when you think of Details Magazine, you immediately think “funny viral video”, but get ready to think that even more because here are Gabe And Max on the four pillars of Looking Fine:

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Gabe And Max answer Boing Boing’s reader’s internet questions;

And the Gabe And Max video that started it all, Gabe And Max’s Internet Thing:

Good job, Gabe And Max.