Celebrated Diamond Ad Is A Total Ripoff Of A Scene From Stepmom

BLOWING THE LID OFF: Adrants describes this Zales ad as “Ball Of String Captures Moment Of Love” (yeah, I still watched it even with that description, nullus), but as even the most hate-watchy student of chick flick classics knows, this ad is nothing but a total ripoff of a scene from Stepmom. And not just any scene from Stepmom: the most famous scene from Stepmom. The “string scene.” Let’s side-by-side this shit! I am so mad!:

(Or one-on-top-of-the-other this shit, whatevs.) Here’s the ad:

And here’s the scene from Stepmom, which is so famous and classic and gag-I-can’t-believe-this-shit-works-on-me-sometimes gross that I wrote this entire post before checking to make sure it was on YouTube, so sure was I that it definitely was. It was:

We all have our outlets. Gabe’s is watching bad movies on purpose, and mine is getting all riled up with manufactured outrage over chick flick ripping off blood diamond ads, apparently. Ad agency “The Richards Group” and Zales, you thought you’d get away with this, but no. I hope you have a Google Alert, ’cause you’ve met your Woodward And Bernstein. (Man, I feel so much better about Palinconomydepression stuff now. Everyone needs to try this!)