Medellin Finally Gets A Movie Poster

I’m sure that the mildly amusing resemblance that this poster for Steven Soderbergh’s biopic Che has to the imaginary failed Pablo Escobar biopic Medellin in Entourage is just that. A cute instance of life imitating art but not really. You know the human brain actually looks for patterns and connections even when there aren’t any? Did you know that a potato is a computer? No, I’m sure that the resemblance that Che bears to Medellin stops there. Surely the lackluster reception that Che received at Cannes last spring and the fact that it’s a four hour Spanish language “masterpiece” is nothing at all like the fictionally terrible reception that Medellin received at Cannes and the poorly acted impetuousness of fictional director Billy Walsh’s* tortured genius. Just a movie poster, guys, come on. But I will tell you this: if Benicio Del Toro has a Turtle in his life, that Turtle better put down the bong and start looking for a part-time job now because there’s a totally decent chance he’s going to be living in Benicio Del Drama’s condo soon. Yikes.

* Mostly jokes! Steven Soderbergh is one of my favorite directors. But look at this poster! It’s just like that thing on that terrible TV show!