That’ll Not Do, Internet, That’ll Not Do

Let’s be very clear about something: the internet is not an OK place. When legislators debate over internet regulation and on-line legalities they often compare it to the wild west, but I don’t remember the wild west being this retarded (granted my knowledge of the wild west is limited primarily to Back to the Future 3, and the four episodes of Deadwood I watched before giving up out of boredom). But our job is to report the internet, not criticize it. Wait, no, that’s not accurate. Our job is totally to criticize the internet. Well, internet consider yourself criticized. Starting with this video titled La Pequeña Sarah Palin.

(via Dlisted)

Nope. No. (But kind of YES! I’m in over my head! Donnie Brasco!)

Wait, she has a whole bunch of videos in which she impersonates celebrities? Is there always some guy in a gimp mask handing out sashes? How did I not know about this? Am I fired? Did I just get fired? Can I quit? I quit. Goodbye.