Barack Slipped A Note In A Boring Meeting Saying “Shoot. Me. Now.”

Do you work in an office? Do you have boring meetings? Do you have a person or several people with whom you regularly attend boring meetings, and do you have a little thing with that person or group of people where you scribble “Shoot me now” on your notepad and subtly push the notepad near them so they can see it and nod, or a thing where you take turns subtly putting a pretend gun to your head and pretend pulling the trigger and pretend blowing your head off during those boring meetings? I think I’ve done that at every office meeting I’ve ever been to! And according to this adorable anecdote told in the otherwise much more serious but competely fascinating Frontline documentary on Obama and McCain last night, SO DID BARACK OBAMA:

This post is dedicated to my former coworkers. You know who you are, and Barack understands what we went through. I raise my pretend styrofoam cup of lukewarm coffee in solidarity.