Kids Star In Eric Wareheim’s MGMT Music Video The Darndest Things

Man, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! fame won’t quit with this directing all the music videos business. First there was the Ben Folds video for “You Don’t Know Me,” and then that NSFL video for Flying Lotus’s “Parisian Goldfish.” Now Eric’s gone and made a video for MGMT’s “The Youth.” Did anyone even ask him to do this? I get the sense that he was just really bored and really into MGMT one day and called up Tim and was like “rustle up those child actors we rejected from the Mahanahan’s Child Clown Outlet sketch and let’s have some potentially scarring fun.” Just kidding, these kids are looking great and I’m sure their parents love them very much.

In the age of the internet this video is basically the new Mickey Mouse Club and everyone in it is going to be as famous as Tay “There Is No Off-Season” Zonday. Promise.