Don’t Help Your Grandparents With Tivo Unless They Vote For Obama

In a video on a section of the Obama site called The Talk, Obama voters (one of whom has braces-with-the-little-rubber-bands and is only 13) tell stories about how they’ve given “The Talk” about registering to vote (and voting for Obama) to their more ignorant family members:

It’s a video that kind of recalls Sarah Silverman’s Great Schlep viral sensation, but with that total dick who says his grandparents “won’t have to buy him that extra sweater” if they vote for Obama but he “won’t help them with text messaging and tivo” if they don’t. And if that doesn’t work, if they vote for Obama they get three M&Ms! (You know, like potty-training?) At first you’re like “Wow, these people are condescending.” until you realize they’re up against, well, this. (Thanks to M.E. for the tip!)