The End Fake Rap Movement: Global Outreach

I can understand why maybe the international community wasn’t fired up about the news that Ed McMahon was going to be producing fake raps for It didn’t seem like it would affect many people outside the U.S. and we’ve sunk so low in the esteem of our allies with the situation in Iraq that maybe they figured it was time to let America sort out its own problems. Well, international community, what if I told you that fake rap was indeed a human problem, and one that needed everyone’s attention. Sure, it seems localized and unimportant when it’s Ed McMahon, but what about when it’s Ban Ki Moon. You know, the SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS?

That kind of just sounds like a rhyme, but my sources (thanks for the tip, Louis) assure me it’s a rap, performed in honor of Jay-Z. DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION NOW, FRANCE? Le sign le petition le here.