Hilary Duff’s “That’s So Gay” PSA Is So Gay

Prepare yourselves for the mind explosion.

This is a totally well-intentioned campaign with a good message, but also WHAT? For starters, those girls would not be calling those tops “gay.” That’s like making a global warming PSA in which a woman wearing a hemp blouse blows aerosol cans out of the window of her Prius and being like “Come on, guys, with the aerosol already!” If you really want to get this particular message out there with any effect, fire Hilary Duff and get Chuck Lidell to give it. And have the PSA play on one of the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto IV. I’m a genius. I should be running Sarah Palin’s campaign for President.

Nevertheless, Videogum totally supports the spirit of this PSA, which is why we will no longer describe gay things as being “so gay.” We will refer to them as being “so Hilary Duff.” I just changed my name to LiZING McGuire. Sarah Palin for President!