Let’s Learn Judo With Vladimir Putin Ends The Search For The Greatest Film Title Ever

According to the Independent (via BuzzFeed), a DVD is being released called Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin. Incredible. I’m throwing all of my DVDs away to make room for this DVD.

In Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin, a 90-minute film shot over the past year-and-a-half, the former Russian president shares his favourite judo moves with viewers, who are intended to be young Russians learning the Japanese martial art.

Mr Putin told journalists that the DVD’s title is simply an “advertising trick”, and that actually viewers would be learning from Japanese masters. But in footage from the DVD shown in Russian news bulletins, Mr Putin is seen executing several deadly moves and repeatedly throwing much bigger opponents to the ground. Newsreaders told viewers that the DVD shows Mr Putin dispatching a Japanese Olympic gold-medallist in the sport.

Perfect. In this image, we can see Vladimir Putin dispatching two Olympic gold-medallists in the sport of BEING CHILDREN.

Een Russia, Amazon orders DVDs through YOU!