A Question For The Candidates

Tonight the two candidates for President of the United States will meet in the second televised debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, DUH. The debate will be held in a town hall style format, where the candidates will answer questions in front of a live audience of “uncommitted” voters (take your time, guys, you’re doing great). Americans sent in more than six million questions for Barack Obama and John McCain via the internet, although only 15 to 20 will make it to air.

Now, I know the debate is only a few hours away, but I’d like to submit my own question for the two candidates via the internet. You know, TO HELP ME MAKE UP MY MIND ON THESE NEARLY IDENTICAL CANDIDATES. OK, so, Barack Obama and John McCain, my question to you is this: If you were to be elected President, what would you do…

…about this fucking guy?

(via Unique Daily)

Are you going to follow this guy to the gates of hell, Mr. McCain? Would you rethink your morally sound position against torture, Mr. Obama, as it pertains to this guy? Would we expand General Petraeus’s commanding duties to include not only the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also the war against this guy? Do you support 100 years of war against this guy, Mr. McCain? Would you admit, Mr. Obama, that maybe a surge would work against this guy?

I think Americans are tired of the typical partisan bickering and mudslinging that marks the end of a Presidential campaign, and are eager to hear who is best prepared to deal with this fucking guy.