Enjoy: Mark Wahlberg’s “Cough Syrup” Scene From The Happening

Does anyone care that The Happening came out on DVD today? The little movie that couldn’t about vengeful plants that caused human suicide seemed vaguely relevant back in June but is totally silly now, and not just because of the premise, plot, dialogue, and acting. If only M. Night had had a window into the future, he could have had Marky Mark running from the temptation of sub-prime lenders instead of the evil wind! Back in June, we covered the shit out of The Happening’s theatrical release, possibly to obsessive extremes. But if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing The Happening, or even if you have, especially if you’re an actor choosing a monologue for an audition, or a dude who wants to make his girlfriend jealous, this clip is really all you need. “If we’re going to die, I want you to know something…”

No, Zooey, thank YOU! Anyway, also released for the first time on DVD today? The classic banned documentary we all pretended to have seen in middle school, Faces Of Death. Coincidence? I think not.