Sarah Silverman Talks About Pot And Jimmy Kimmel On The View

Sarah Silverman was on The View just now to promote the third season of The Sarah Silverman Program, and it was a little weird because she had very little contact with Hasselbeck and Shepherd, and zero contact with Whoopie beyond the initial hug, who just sat there (does Whoopie hate her? Is Whoopie just having a quiet day?) But she made up for it by allowing Barbara to pry into her apparently still-something relationship with Jimmy Kimmel, which she likened in today’s NY Times to that of Bruce and Demi. After Sarah tells a funny pot-related story about running into Barbara at Howard Stern’s wedding last weekend, Barbara and Behar go in for the kill and try to get Sarah to define her relationship with Kimmel:

The question they should have asked her is “But who is the ASHTON KUTCHER?”