How I Met Your Mother: New York Versus New Jersey

So, remember the episode about how everyone hated Staten Island? This one was like that, but with New Jersey. Ted and Stella have somehow been engaged for weeks without ever having a single discussion about whether they’ll live in NYC or NJ when they get married, which is a testament to how shallow, low-stakes, and disposable all of Ted’s relationships have been. Which is why we don’t care. Nobody cares. The biggest How I Met Your Mother fan in the whole world doesn’t care about the predictable, solve-able, and wholly external problems the characters on this show face in their relationships. Because it’s a sitcom, and it’s not Friends. BUT this episode, despite its cheesy Springsteen montage and plot-thickening devices, did have its moments. And the best one came courtesy once again of the great Jason Segel delivering a monologue:

After Ted and Stella got in a fight about New York vs. New Jersey, Marshall finally spoke up. Also, there was a subplot where Barney kept being denied fistbumps, so that’s what that part is:

I love the way they’re using Jason Segel this season. Last week, after his crazy hamburger ode scene, we found out that he got a job at a bank and was no longer unemployed. But they’re still letting his character become more and more bitter and old and grumpy, and he’s the best thing this show has going for it lately. Also, Robin is moving to Japan, but we know she’s not really, because of the goat!