The Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise”: VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Well, we may have done it. We may finally have found the worst thing Tracy Morgan has ever done. Not that it’s his fault, really. Most of last night’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors seemed like an uncomfortably shabby affair, like if someone decided to throw a televised pimps and ho’s party. It became even more problematic when they threw in the election year political theme for heightened relevance. If you’re going to throw a televised piimps and ho’s party, throw a televised pimp’s and ho’s party, but don’t make all the pimps and ho’s in the mosh pit hold up “campaign signs” that say “Slick Rick ’08.” So it’s no surprise that they couldn’t afford to get Bruce Villanch to write everything. Or maybe that’s exactly what they did, was pay Bruce Villanch to write everything. Somehow I am positive that Bruce Villanch is responsible for this.

Yikes. And that was the best part! It only got worse from there! Don’t even make me describe the part where Tracy Morgan couldn’t get through the metal detector because of ALL THE GOLD CHAINS IN HIS POCKETS.

Not to mention his horrible introductory “stump speech.” Ooph. Oh well. “Wait a second, Gabe, you’re telling me that somehow a make believe awards show broadcast on a Monday night on VH1 wasn’t PHENOMENAL?” I know, guys, right?

Here, you can watch this De La Soul tribute, though. This De La Soul tribute is pretty good.