Did SNL Censor A Sketch For Making Fun Of…Everybody?

This week’s SNL had an okay sketch about the bailout announcement that they put on their website and sent out to the press, but it disappeared sometime yesterday. accuses NBC of removing the sketch because it “criticizes Democrats.” But as far as I can tell, there is almost no type of person, be they Republican, Democrat, rich, poor, white, black, young, old, pregnant, or George W. Bush who escapes from this sketch un-ridiculed (or un-blamed for our economy’s woes): (Update: the video is available again):

Laying the blame on so many different kinds of people is actually the entire point of the sketch. So who had it taken down? Greedy house-flippers? Guys with two pregnant girlfriends? George Soros? It’s anyone’s guess. I’m going to go with the Occam’s Razor approach: somebody at NBC pushed the wrong button and accidentally took the sketch down.