Chris Brown Should Not Be Allowed To Talk, Paul Walker Should Not Be Allowed To Talk

Here is some behind the scenes footage from some movie starring Chris Brown and Paul Walker. That is how dumb it looks. They mention the movie 3,955 times in this clip, but I can’t remember. I know there’s a couch and some feathers in it.

The predicament that Chris Brown is in is that the Russians are storming in. Paul Walker likes shoot outs when they are technically on point and there is tactical reloading.

Do you know how much movies cost to make? It’s thousands of thousands of hundreds of dollars. So just put it in the contract, Hollywood. Just put it in the contract. When you’re getting everything ready, you just say “Chris Brown and Paul Walker are not allowed to talk. They are not allowed to describe what makes a scene good, and they should never explain what they like about shoot outs.” Michael Ealy can keep talking until people know who he is, but then he will probably have to shut up, too, like a ballet, shut up.